Welcome SOU Students

  1. You will each have access to this Wiki site with your own page. While it's a public Wiki, only students in this class will have access to it unless they tell their friends, who tell their friends . . .

  2. Here is a great site to go to learn about Wikis. I embedded it below so you don't have to go there. You'll quickly learn how to embed all sorts of interesting resources on YOUR Wiki pages: videos, powerpoints, podcasts, audiocasts, etc.

  3. Go to Rousell, Mike to meet me.

  4. Become a member by clicking "Join" at the top of the page.

  5. It's time to introduce yourself. Go to “New Page” near the top left. Name your page using your last name first. In the new page, delete the instructional information that is currently there and introduce yourself. Upload a picture and add it to the page. Be sure and hit “save” on the top edit bar when you’re finished.