Every day across the United States a student becomes a victim of bullying. Many go to bed wondering if they should even go to school the next day; those who do decide to go, endure pain and suffering in the hands of bullies. Many don't make it to school the next day, some have called it quits and have taken their own lives due to bullying; a sad reality that is witnessed and felt across the nation.

I have decided to focus my topic on Bullying, and the impact it had and has on many students across our nation's schools. After recently hearing about the bullying tragedies that occurred in some states, and the impact it had on certain lives, I have been more dedicated in researching and preventing bullying in our schools.Getting the word out about bullying is the first step in preventing such tragedies. We as teachers, and overall citizens, need to be aware of our students and surroundings. I've been a victim of bullying, i have also witnessed it and even done it to others; but my experiences give me reasons to why I want to continue to fight and stand up against such behavior and not allow on schools grounds; our students should not have to live in fear when they step into the classroom.

5 topics learned about my wiki
  1. Taking a stand against bullying can make a difference in someone's life.
  2. What children see, children will do; be the best role model for your child.
  3. Verbal abuse and cyber bullying can be just as painful as physical abuse.
  4. Bullying is relentless and ongoing; it causes pain and suffering.
  5. Abuse from a bully can lead to mental health problems, such as low-self esteem, stress, depression and even suicide.

I have chosen this link to a website that has information on bullying. It contains all kinds of information directed towards teachers, parents and students. There is a What kids can do and What adults can do page containing information on prevention tips, facts of bullying, media, and games; It is also available in Spanish for those who have a language barrier. This is a great website to start with for teachers.

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This next slide is a powerful ad about the realities of life and the impact parents have on their children; what children see, they will learn to do. It might not be closely related to bullying, but the message is there. Many children learn from certain behaviors in their everyday lives, and sometimes that leads a child to cause harm to others; a grim reality that we see and hear with bullies.

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This anti-bullying ad shows what bullying looks like in a non-physical way, but shows how words can hurt just the same. It also demonstrates the impact an individual can have when they take a stand against bullying. You don't have to be superman to overpower bullying; even the smallest actions can make a huge difference.

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Many bullying tragedies go unnoticed due to the victim's silence. It is important that we recognize every little details about a student's behavior. Reaching out to a student as soon as possible can make a difference between life and death for a victim of bullying. This video demonstrates the will of children wanting to speak out against bullying, and the understanding of the parent's once they find out about their child's situation.

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