I'm Sari Gomez. I am having a hard time writing about myself at the moment. I have written and erased about 15 sentences. Everything sounds like a singles ad, but here I go. I am a teacher and a mother. I love school and thats why I am a teacher. I know that lots and lots of kids don't have the same feeling about school that I always had growing up, and that is also why I am a teacher. I had some extraordinary teachers growing up who are now my friends and mentors. I feel like I was blessed to grow up in the alternative ed scene in Eugene. I attended a Magnet Arts elementary school, my middle school was pioneering a "Racism Free Zone" program, and I graduated from an International Baccalaureate high school. Programs like that don't exist where I live now in Klamath Falls, and they seem to be disappearing from public schools elsewhere. I was voted most likely to be President in my senior class, and not to disappoint, I went into education. Teaching is a political act for me. It is the best way I know how to change the world.