My name is Saul Harper and I am returning to school after graduating from the University of Oregon in 1996 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Women's Studies.
I spent a few years traveling and volunteering in Latin America, worked on a couple of fishing boats in Alaska (to pay for the University), and have spent the last few years working in public schools here and in Portland. I'm recently married (very happy about that!) and excited to be back in school to be a teacher. For the last three years I've worked at the Armadillo Tech Charter School in Phoenix, as a Special Ed Aide. I'm glad to live in Southern Oregon (where I grew up), near my mom and sister.

I am really enjoying being part of our cohort. I like the structure and the mutual support that it creates among our group. I'm glad that we're in the two year program (that we're not rushing through) and look forward to the personal and professional growth that we bring to this space.