I choose the topic of self esteem because it can be a very motivational factor for students of all ages. Self esteem can be a strong positive force, and focusing on the positive aspects can help students become self driven to work harder, and accomplish more. By using activities or communication techniques that boost self esteem, students can become more productive and engaged in their work.

Top Five Things I Learned:

1.) The main factors that influence self esteem building

2.) How self image is a strong influential factor of self esteem

3.) The development of self esteem begins between the ages of one and two and can set the stage for the future

4.) How an unrealistic sense of self esteem can be harmful

5.) How developing self esteem is an ongoing process strongly influenced by ones surroundings

This NPR discussion is an excellent analysis of self esteem and the factors that can influence it. The discussion goes into depth on the relationship between self esteem and academic performance. It describes how the several influences of self esteem including the social, competence, physical, and character aspects compose our self esteem profile. This interview also addresses the question if positive self image is key for success. The speakers briefly touches on the issues and benefits of high realistic self esteem and the harms unrealistic self esteem. In some cases low self esteem can benefit people because they will try harder. Involvement in sports can be helpful in developing self esteem because it is partially competitive. I would give this NPR discussion a 5 out of 5 rating because it addresses many key ideas surrounding self esteem, self image and the likelihood for success. It includes specific examples and presents techniques for approaching them.

This short video does a great job touching on the main points in recognizing factors that attribute to self esteem, and also how to build upon them. It discusses how self esteem can be influenced positively or negatively based on certain factors. Role models, rewards, and achievable goals are three main influences in gaining self esteem. Maintaining good physical wellness and fitness can also be beneficial. I would give this video a 4 out of 5 rating because it is a great overview on self esteem for someone trying to get a general idea for what it's composed of. I would not give it 5/5 because it lacks in depth, detail, and specific examples.

This source is a short video about a trial program that is addressing how to reach special needs students and build their self esteem. At this secondary school there is a program called the Star group that gives select students the attention they need to succeed. The program focuses on showing students that the schools' goal is to help them succeed to their fullest. The program approaches these students by developing a reduced curriculum program to focus on specific areas. Although this unique program addresses special needs students there are still key themes presented that can be used to build the self esteem of almost any student. I would give this film a 3 out of 5 rating because it does a good job at recognizing some key issues regarding self esteem but it lacks diversity in specific examples and approach techniques.


I chose this slide show because it does a great job at outlining what is involved in promoting a positive self image and self esteem. It touches on what they consider to be the ten most important ways to boost self esteem. The techniques that are covered in his slide show are not specific to any given group, but general ways that most people may find useful. I would give this source a 3.5 out of 5 rating because it presents useful and relevant information about building self esteem, but it lacks depth in addressing specific examples and groups of people.

The speaker/comedian in this video examines the problems involved with self esteem in schools, with a Christian based view. This man expresses his thoughts on how trying to attain high self esteem leads to ego, and how instead people should gain esteem by giving it to others, as Jesus said. Another main point addressed was that people today are too worried about ruining children’s self esteem by making them take risks at things they aren’t good at. The main gist that this speaker is presenting is that there are challenges students will fail at but it is important to expose them to these situations so they know how to correct themselves in the future which will ultimately increase self esteem. I would give this speaker a 4 out of 5 rating because he brings up some good points about how self esteem should be attained. However some of his logic may not be applicable to public school settings because of the religious support for his claims.

This short film was one of many that Dove creates addressing self image and self esteem. Self image is an important component of self esteem especially in today's society where there are distorted and unrealistic views of beauty. In our society low self esteem is often a man made disability. The power in this video comes from the images and key words that stir up thoughts on one's own self image and how they can affect a person on a day to day basis. I would give this video a 3.5 out of 5 rating because it has impacting images with strong key points. The information from the video is relevant to the point the creator is trying to get across to viewers but it fails to touch on the other key components that effect self esteem.

This slide show presentation discusses ways to raise self esteem by focusing on the positive things in life. It addresses some key influencing factors on esteem building including how success often sprouts from failure. The speaker goes into detail on why self esteem it is ultimately the key to achieving anything in life. It also briefly touches on visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory influences play a role in creating a strong self esteem. I would give this video a 4 out of 5 rating because it does a pretty thorough job on analyzing what influences self esteem. The video included several statistics without sources so the credibility may not be excellent.

This PBS website briefly covers a few key components of developing self esteem in young children. The site gives recommendations of how to use recognition, praise, respect, and confidence from ages as young as 18 months to begin the development of self esteem. It discusses the importance for placing young children in position to develop a sense of self worth and the positive results that follow. I would give this source a 3.5 out of five rating because it covers some key points and gives examples for how to build self esteem in young children. However, it is unclear on what ages it’s addressing, which is important in such a developmental time in children's lives.

This late 90's song by the Offspring is not the greatest source for gaining a deeper understanding of self esteem, but it dose cover a few notable points. The song is about a guy that is controlled by his girlfriend, and because of his lack of self esteem, he his manipulated, and his life suffers. This song mainly covers the social aspects of self esteem and gives specific examples of how it affects him in multiple circumstances. I would give this song a 2 out of 5 rating because it covers how one guys life can be negatively effected by low self esteem created by other people. However, it includes little or no useful information on self esteem besides the fact you shouldn't get a controlling girlfriend because it can have a negative impact on your self concept and independence.