I'm your instructor. Most students call me Mike; some students call me Dr. Rousell or Professor Rousell, but I prefer Mike. My hockey buddies call me Doc.

A little about me. This year I celebrate 40 years of marriage to Laura. We have two daughters and four granddaughters. Apparently neither my sons-in-law nor I carry Y chromosomes.

I graduated with my doctorate from the University of Oregon in 1991. I spent the next 19 years studying spontaneous influence conditions (life changing moments). That work eventually culminated in my award winning book “Sudden Influence: Spontaneous Events That Shape Our Lives,” Praegar Press, 2007. www.suddeninfluence.com

I've lived most of my life in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada working as a teacher, instructor, and psychologist. I taught at SOU (SOSC at the time) in the early nineties. My teaching experience spans the entire spectrum: elementary, junior high, high school, undergraduate, and graduate education. My broad counseling experience includes adolescent counseling, family and marriage therapy, addictions, and forensics.

I run, play hockey, (coached volleyball for 25 years), and my study interests include educational psychology, the brain, emotions, and evolutionary psychology.

The picture below is from Halloween. My granddaughter and I were playing on the carpet before getting dressed.