Hello. My name's Michael, but please call me Mac.
I'm the fourth in a family of six out of Coos County, Oregon. Growing up in that particular situation endowed me with a love of the ocean and all things water, dinners or camp fires that last until 2:00am because you just don't want to leave that good of a conversation, and people who know their priorities. I count having grown up when, where, and how I did as the greatest of all the many blessings which have been bestowed on my melon since April '84. I've had the oppoortunity to travel internationally and doing so made me realize that I am more "American" than I ever cared to admit. More than that, I am Oregonian to the bone-ian. In my travels I picked up a second and third language which I hope will be part of my life until Alzheimers kicks in. Growing up as a middle kid helped me develop an energetic personality and an ability to vocally project. These are traits that I feel I must apply to a good cause (because, on a day-to-day basis, I think I wind up annoying a lot of people) which is part of the reason I've chosen education as a career. Other reasons include a mother who is a teacher and a hope to coach soccer one day.