Classroom Discipline

Why I chose this topic: this topic interested me because I think proper classroom management is significant to classroom success. And I believe that taking appropriate disciplinary action when necessary is key in regard to maintaining order in the classroom. For these reasons, I felt it would be a advantageous to learn about different ways to use discipline in school.

5 things that I learned:

1. Discipline doesn’t necessarily mean punishment. There are several forms of discipline that can produce the desired results without using typical negative consequences for the student.

2. The concept of positive discipline, never using punishment as a means to solve the problem. Instead, talking with the student, complimenting them, and giving them choices on assignments are sometimes good ways to change their behavior for the better.

3. Praise-Prompt-Leave technique can work with students who have problems staying on task or keeping focused on assignments. When students are all working on an assignment, for example, simply walk up to the student and find something to compliment about their work, suggest maybe sharing it with another student or even with the class, and then leave giving them the time to take it all in.

4. I learned various methods of effectively handling problem situations in class with discipline and feel better prepared to take on these types of challenges in the classroom.

5. The best way to deal with classroom discipline is by prevention. Although discipline problems will always take place in any given classroom at one time or another, maintaining proper classroom management will easily decrease the number of these occurrences.

What I like most about this topic in particular is that even though discipline covers so much, there are tried and true methods that can work in several cases. Although these techniques vary, they generally tend to include the concepts of being creative and staying positive.



A great website that provides a ton of resources for dealing with various situations by using discipline. There are several helpful tips and suggestions as to deal with problems in a positive manner. Lots of useful information here.

Rating- 9.5


(Discipline in the secondary classroom)- This detailed powerpoint covers important concepts about motivation and mentions effective ways to use discipline in the classroom. Also gives examples of different situations where certain types of discipline should be applied as well as useful tips for achieving successful classroom management.

Rating- 8.5


(How to maintain classroom discipline)- An old school clip that shows a teacher who has no control over his classroom. First you see him resort to being angry, negative, critical, and insulting towards his students. In return, he never receives the respect from his students that he wants and the problem persists. The second half of the video shows the teacher reacting toward the same problems in a much more calm, collected, and controlled manner. This time, the students become much more receptive and respectful.

Rating- 8.5


This website is a simple but useful list of steps to take when dealing with confrontational students. Also helpful is the fact that the suggestions are listed in order of seriousness making it easier to determine which proper action to take and when.

Rating- 7.5


(Classroom discipline)- This video portrays a female teacher who has a problem dealing with one student in particular. The student is loud, disrespectful, and constantly interrupts the class. The teacher tries several different ways of handling the situation but fails repeatedly. Finally, she reaches the student using the praise-prompt-leave technique.

Rating- 7


This page lists ten useful ways to help prevent most classroom disruptions from even starting in the first place. Short and to the point.

Rating- 6.5


(Positive discipline)- A sneak peek inside the Emerson school in Portland, OR. where positive discipline is fully enforced. This quick video includes personal accounts teachers and staff about how positive discipline is used and about the profound impact it has had in their school.

Rating- 6


(Discipline in the classroom)- This slideshow discussed the negative outcomes of punishment as opposed to using appropriate discipline. Suspensions, zero tolerance policy, and sending children to the principal’s office are all addressed as negative forms of punishment. Includes some instances where better discipline could be used but not very thorough.

Rating- 5